Volunteer Internship Programme

Email: cesvolunteers@hotmail.com
CES offers a limited number of volunteer programmes per year for research students and interested individuals seeking work experience in eco-cultural related disciplines. The selected volunteers will have the opportunity of working independently and in a team with on-site scientists, researchers or service staff in education, scientific research and community development
Education and skills development/enhancement
  • Community education and skills development in non-destructive nature-based enterprises
  • Environmental education
  • Language training: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Spanish
  • Health care and related fields of service
Scientific research areas

*  Forestry     * Zoology       * Protected Area Management     * Natural Resource Management
* Biodiversity Monitoring * Primate studies * Wildlife conservation and management  * Speleology

Culture/Living Traditions

*  Social and cultural anthropology     *  Sociology    *  Ethnoarchaeology    *  Museology

The interdisciplinary fields of study detailed provide insight into the lifeways of traditional agricultural forest-based communities living in and around designated protected areas namely, wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites.
Duration of internship: A period of 1 to 3 months
Internship fees:
USD  500 per month (includes basic field accommodation and local meals) and
USD 100 (administrative fee) Internship fees are to be paid in full during registration,
on arrival at CES
Application procedures: Interested students should send their
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Application for the Volunteer Internship Programme CES VIP Application Form
  • Self-written essay (of not more than one A4 page) including the following:
  • Describe your specific interest in obtaining work experience in eco-cultural-related disciplines
  • Describe as to what you would like to do (aims/objectives) and achieve at the end of the Internship in relation to the main activities of CES and focal areas of Internship opportunities
  • Two references for applicants having less than 5 years professional work experience (at least one or both Academic and other Non-Academic) CES VIP Reference Form
Application deadline:
Applications are welcomed throughout the year and should be submitted two to three months before the internship start date
Commencement of Internships is scheduled for the 1st of each month and will be followed with three days of orientation Applications are to be sent via email if  possible. The applicant should send the two sealed reference letters subsequently via snail mail. After the initial review of applications, CES will request further details within a period of two weeks. At the end of the internship, the volunteer interns who have succeeded in fulfilling the assigned tasks will be awarded a certificate from CES. Interns who have been involved in field research projects for not less than three months will also have the opportunity to co-author a research publication, depending on individual performance.
Start date of Internship: