Landcare Certification Services

Landcare Certification Services of Sri Lanka is a project of the Centre for Eco Cultural Studies (CES).
We facilitate the training and certification of growers and handlers of agricultural and livestock products,
based on the Landcare principles.

Our core objectives are:

   Support the development of sustainable practices in agriculture and livestock industries
   Increase awareness of organic practices and standards among producers and handlers to minimize
     harmful effects on the environment
   Increase awareness of the health benefits of organic products among the consuming public
   Support a fair distribution of income to primary producers by adding recognized value to their product
   Provide training and certification to ensure providers attain internationally recognized standards

Landcare Certification Services was formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in organic
agriculture, training and inspection. We work directly with accredited providers of certification for National and International standards.

Our Services
We provide consultation, training and certification services in collaboration with accredited National and International Agencies.

What is eligible for Certification?
   Crop Production
   Grower Group
   Agro Processing
   Trading and Handling
   Animal Husbandry
   Wild Collections / Non timber forest products
   Input Approvals

We facilitate certification for the following certification programs:
Participatory Guarantee Services (PGS), National Program for Organic Production (NPOP, India), USDA NOP (US),
International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) IFOAM, ISO 65, Global GAP, COR Compliance, Rainforest Alliance

Certification Process